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Let us bring your destination to life! We are excited to offer partnership opportunities to help promote your destination, tour, or travel brand.

More about what we do

Who Are We?

We started this company because we wanted everyone to be able to experience the love, excitement and the joy that we get from travelling the world. We feel an incredible sense of responsibility when it comes to ensuring that each and every tour is a memorable experience. Every tour is  designed by a member of our team with great attention to detail. You will not find these tours duplicated anywhere else in the world! 


We started our company in 2017 after a life changing trip to Cape Town, South Africa.  It was at that time that we decided we wanted to share the experience with others. We arrange small group trips for travelers who have previously been apprehensive about international travel. Each of our tours is a mix of sightseeing, cultural experiences, and free time. Although our tours are limited to just 15 to 25 guests, we plan about 4-6 trips per year. Our trips can be as adventurous as a desert safari or a calm as a luxury cruise. There is something for every type of traveler.

For this reason, we only partner with companies and brands whose values we stand by and who represent our audience. 

How Can We Help?

We value the trust our travellers have placed in us, and we take that seriously. We are always looking for new destinations for our trips. We prefer to stay at smaller boutique hotels and lodges and work with smaller tour companies. We never take a group to a location we have not previously visited.


Press Trips & Destination Campaigns

If you are seeking to promote a destination, we can work together to increase awareness through social media, photography and scouting trips.

 Brand Ambassadorships 

We are currently seeking long-term ambassadorships.  We can share these brands throughout our website and social media to create unique content from our adventures around the world.

 Sponsored stay or experience

We can offer honest and engaging reviews of your property or tour to be shared on our website and/or social media. As well as possible destinations for future trips.


How Can We Work Together?

  • Tour Experiences & Reviews
  • Tourism Board Promotions
  • Accommodation and Transportation Review
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Product and App Reviews or Giveaways

Other Ideas?

Our tours are comprised of people who travel to find adventurous, authentic and meaningful experiences. Our goal is to showcase your company while providing a unique and authentic experience for our travelers. 


If you have a unique advertising idea, let us know! We can help you customize a media combination that works best for you and your company!