The Ultimate Packing List for Thailand


A trip to Thailand is practically a rite of passage for any seasoned traveler. Its enormous popularity is well-earned: postcard-perfect slices of white sand backed by mossy emerald karst mountains; ancient ruins and ornate temples; mind-bogglingly delicious food at unbelievably cheap prices; all-night parties that fade into lazy mornings filled with spa treatments; and enough scuba diving, rock climbing, kayaking, and trekking opportunities to satiate even the biggest thrill-seeker. Did I mention you can bathe with baby elephants? If it sounds like paradise, that’s because it is.

There are plenty of ways to do Thailand, from backpacking and roughing it on a budget to luxuriating on a romantic getaway. Any way you plan to travel, the packing lists are surprisingly similar, as you’ll have to prepare for sweltering sun, sand, humidity, and bugs — lots and lots of bugs.

So that you can focus on planning the itinerary of a lifetime rather than worry about what to bring, we’ve assembled the ultimate packing list for any type of trip to Thailand, no matter if you’re bunking up in a 10-person dorm or planning to lounge in a private infinity pool in the honeymoon suite. Use this list as a packing guide and you’ll have everything you need for hopping between the incredible cities, islands, and mountains of the Land of Smiles.

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